Naturally the coat of arms or family crest should be thought of as art or entertainment and not taken too seriously.   The arms on this page are an attempt to illustrate the descriptions from the Burke's General Armory and some other sources.   Whether or not they can be actually connected to our modern-day families is in dispute.  The original illustration was purchased by me and belongs to me - copy or vary it as you like. 

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The father of Benjamin Freeze (1830-1909) is reported to be the son of Hannah Nicholls Lowrence and John Rufus Freeze (or Fries) who was born 1784 in NC.

The origin of the Fries family is believed to be Friesland in Germany, but there is absolutely no proof whatever as to the actual ancestry of John Rufus Freeze.
Francis Henry Fries (1855-1931) of Winston-Salem, N.C., produced a genealogical history of his family beginning in 810. The collection includes a genealogical history produced by Francis Henry Fries of Winston-Salem, N.C., entitled "The History of the Fries Family, A.D. 810-1930." The text is illustrated with 19th- and early 20th-century photographs of family members and scenes in Forsyth County, N.C. Since our ancestor came from North Carolina this book might prove interesting.

The chance that we are related to the men that actually bore the Fries crest from Bavaria  is almost nonexistent. If you want to read about that family there is an extensive history on-line:
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These arms are described in The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales : comprising a registry of armorial bearings from the earliest to the present time
by Burke, Bernard, Sir, 1814-1892. (pub. 1884)


  •      Or, three bars vert.
          Shield of gold. Three green horizontal lines.

    county Kent

  •      Ermine, on a chevron sable three withered branches, argent.
          Shield of white or silver, powdered with black spots representational of the tail of an ermine. Over the black chevron with 3 silver withered branches..

    These arms are described in The History of the Fries Family from Strüth, Bavaria and Kützbrunn, Baden, Germany

    of Würzburg, Bavaria

  •      Azure, lion rampant, Or, overall a bend sinister, argent.
          Shield of Blue. Gold lion erect and overall a silver sash from right top.
  • CREST:
  •      A demi figure of a Knight armed holding in the dexter hand a sword erect.
          A partial figure of a knight with a sword held erect in his right hand.
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