It’s doubtful that (being Quakers) the Hollingsworths of America had any interest whatever in crests. The Quaker Hollingsworth line was indeed descended from Valentine Hollingsworth but which Hollingsworth crest (if any) can be associated with Valentine is in dispute. Popular belief is that Valentine is associated distantly with the family of Hollingsworth Hall. DNA tests have proven that Levi Hollingsworth (1805-1869) -father of Henry M., grandfather of Roy Sr- was descendant of Valentine. DNA may someday also prove what coat of arms may have been associated with Valentine’s ancestors. Harry Hollingsworth did fairly extensive research on the three crests. Anyone wishing to follow up on this subject would do well to read his research printed in the Hollingsworth Register, Volume I, number 2, page 87, July 1965; number 3, page 140, October 1965; number 4, page 154, December 1965..


Family tradition in several families in various parts of the country maintains that the first Lays in the Virginia territory were Jesse, John, and David Lay. They were perhaps brothers and came into Virginia (which encompassed everything west of Jamestown at the time) from Canada. According to the stories, Jesse Duncan (1811-1896) told his family, they were of French Descent and detested the English, and came to Virginia to help the colonists "whip the English" .


The father of Benjamin Freeze (1830-1909) is reported to be the son of Hannah Nicholls Lowrence and John R. Freeze ( or Fries) who was born 1784 in NC. The origin of the Fries family is believed to be Friesland in Germany.


The 4th great-grandfather of James Miner Bailey (1810-1899) is well documented as James Bailey of Rowley, MA who emigrated 1638 in the ship AMERICA. According to The Bailey Family by Jeanne Bailey Ransom ( pub 1991) James of Rowley was the son of Godfrey Bayley of Bradford Parish, Yorkshire. The origins of this family are unknown, but whether Scottish, English or Irish, the shield of the Bailey family is the azure shield with nine stars (some variations in the shape of the stars) but the crest of the Scottish clan is a boars head.