The Bailey Family

Rufu s& Libbie Bailey 1923
Rufus Miner Bailey and Elizabeth McKeage Bailey (ca. 1923)
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Rufus Miner Bailey ca.1875
Rufus Miner Bailey (1852 - 1925)
son of James Miner Bailey
 and Olive Hand
pictured ca. 1875

James Miner Bailey ca.1875
James Miner Bailey
(1810 - 1889)
Rufus' father
pictured ca. 1875

Frederick Preston Bailey ca.1880
Fred Bailey
 (1844 - 1920)
Rufus' brother
pictured ca. 1880
Helen Bailey Carson
 (1836 - 1913)
Rufus' sister
pictured ca. 1895

Annie McDuffee
Rufus' niece
ca. 1911
Helen Bailey Carson
& Joseph P. Carson
Rufus' sister

Letter from Laura Hand to Olive Hand Bailey 15 Feb 1877
on the death of their parents
-Charles and Clara Hurd Hand

Bailey Crest - Ireland
Bailey  Crest
Bailey Family Tartan 
Bailey  Tartan
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Elizabeth Wiser McKeage 1870
Elizabeth  Wiser McKeage(1856 - 1944)
daughter of William James McKeage
and Sarah J. Aikins
pictured ca. 1870

William J. McKeage
(1816 - 1908)
Libbie's Father
pictured ca. 1880
Sarah J. Aikins
(1828 - 1898)
Libbie's Mother
pictured ca. 1880
McKeage Children
Libbie, Robert, Kate
pictured ca. 1870

William James McKeage 1903
William McKeage
ca. 1903
Sarah McKeage
ca. 1889
McKeage Family Bible
Marriage Cert.
31 Mar 1846

Robert McKeage ca.1875
Robert McKeage
(1853 - 1934)
Libbie's brother
Eleanor McKeage.jpg ca.1870
Eleanor McKeage
 (1847 - 1889)
Libbie's sister
Mary Jane McKeage ca.1875
Jennie McKeage
(1849 - 1897)
Libbie's sister

Libbie & Kate
Libbie & sister
pictured ca. 1906
Ben Mckeage
pictured ca. 1870
Libbie's brother
Ben Mckeage
pictured ca. 1889
Libbie's brother
John & Robert Wallace
Libbie's nephews
pictured ca. 1875

Aikins Family
Libbie's mother & aunt & uncles
Henry Aikins
pictured 9-22-1864
Libbie's uncle
Henry Aikins
pictured 1912
Libbie's uncle
Sam & Sarah
Libbie's uncle


Rufus and Libbie Bailey ca. 1911
Rufus Miner Bailey and Elizabeth McKeage Bailey (ca. 1911)

Their Children:
Jim Bailey
ca. 1910
Bill Bailey
ca. 1903
Buck Bailey
ca. 1908
Nellie Bailey
Ned Bailey
ca. 1928
Sallie Bailey
ca. 1913
Berta Bailey
ca. 1909
Fred Bailey
ca. 1928
Sylvia Bailey
ca. 1908


Bailey Family 1900
Rufus & Children 1898
Nellie, Sallie, Rufus (holding baby Fred), Berta, Harry
Bailey Family1890
Libbie & Children 1890
Nellie, Bill, Jim, Ralph, Libbie(holding baby Harry)
Baileys ca. 1911
Buck, Sally, Maud, Tom Sitlington, Bert, Libbie, Sylvia, Fred
Bailey Family 1928  
Baileys 1928
Harry, Bill, Jim, Buck, Fred
Sallie, Berta, Libbie, Nellie
Baileys 1940
Fred, Buck, Sallie, Jim
Bailey Family 1961 
Baileys 1961
Berta, Buck, Sallie, Fred


Ralph Bailey Family 1928
Ralph's Family 1928
Wayne, Maud Benge Bailey, Ralph,
 Ruby, Libbie Bailey, Ruth
Ralph Bailey Family 1961
Ralph's Family 1961
Fred Berta Families 1928
Fred & Berta Families 1928
Inez McCallon Bailey, Fred Bailey, Berta Bailey Lay (holding baby Kathryn), Lawrence Lay
Ross Bailey, Winifred Bailey, Libbie Bailey, Margaret Lay
Ruth Lay, Bob Lay
Berta Bailey Lay Family 1960  
Berta Lay Family 1960
Harry Bailey Family 1928
Ned's Family 1928
Nettie Brown Bailey, Harry, Harriet, Russell
Nellie Bailey Meeker Family 1928
Nellie's Family 1928
Olive Meeker, Nellie Bailey Meeker (holding baby James), Grover Meeker, Geneva Meeker
Dorothy Meeker, Libbie Bailey, Thomas Meeker


The Bailey Homestead ca.1896
The "Home Place"  - 1896
The Bailey Homestead 1912
After the 1912 tornado
The Bailey Girls 1908  
Bailey Girls 1908
Sylvia, Berta, Sallie, Nellie
Berta and Sally 1913
Berta Bailey - ca. 1907
Berta Bailey Lay - 1973
Berta Bailey Lay - 1973